Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is superior to paint. It is longer lasting, much more durable and has almost no VOC emissions. Its advantages over paint have created a $1.5 billion market in the U.S. in 2013, a number that continues to grow in 2014.

Powder coating has a long history and is a favorite for items needing a superior finish and very durable coating. Powder is drawn into the object by electrostatic charge and then set by high heat.
Commercial and household paints use a liquid carrier to carry paint solids to a surface with limited effectiveness. Adhesion, corrosion resistance, edge protection, coating thickness and uniformity are all superior with powder coating.

There are several types of powder coating. Each is engineered for a different type of metal composition and finish appearance to provide a rock-hard, durable surface. The type of powder coating used for your project will depend on the metal base, the anticipated use, and the finish desired. It is not a “one product fits all” solution. Devin and Brian will help you chose the right formulation and process. You will be surprised at the thousands of different colors, textures and specialty powders to choose from.

Certain glasses and ceramics can also be powder coated. Contact us about your particular project: or (832) 230-4107

Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is superior for any metal object that will be outdoors while providing a beautiful and professional appearance. Because of their severe exposure and use, automotive parts are particularly suited for powder coating.

Objects under the hood or otherwise subject to high heat like barbeques can be powder coated with a high temperature formulation and process for even greater durability and finish stability. You no longer have to choose between full functionality and appearance.

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