The following Colors are powders that we either have on hand or can get here locally, most of them are durable, single application powders.

Stock Colors

We stock over 150 different colors for any of your project needs. These colors can be used on their own or mixed to make  custom colors. Of course we can special order colors as well and are usually available the next day.

For an accurate color and finish assessment, it is recommended to obtain a powder coated sample panel from Bayou City Coatings. Contact us today to inquire about a specific color or get a quote on your project.

RAL Colors

While we do stock some popular RAL colors it is impossible to stock them all.

If we special order you a RAL color that is very uncommon, there will most likely be a pass through cost to you.

This site displays a review of standard colors according the Classic RAL System. RAL is used for information defining standard colors for paint and coatings and is the most popular Color Standard used today. The colors are used in like sports teams ,colleges, architecture, construction, industry and road safety. View RAL Colors.

Special Order Colors

We have a wide variety of custom colors that can be achieved. Most all are a two or even 3 coat process. Matching a specific paint can often be difficult. We urge people with large projects that want a custom powder coating and a custom wet paint to match to pick the powder first, then match your wet paint to the finished powder color/sample.

We are happy to make a custom sample for you if the powder is readily available. In some cases there may be a charge for a sample if we have to order a special powder that requires a certain quantity.

In most cases we can come close to matching a paint or scheme but some powders can appear differently on different substrates. While there is no guarantee on a perfect match we will do our best to accommodate.View Special Order Colors.