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Bayou City Coatings is a professional shop dedicated to a long-lasting, high quality production with dependable pricing.

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  • Your item will have greater durability due to the strength and quality of our powder coating process
  • Your item will increase in value due to the professional and beautiful result of powder coating
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About Bayou City Coatings

Founded by Devin Bily and Brian Stewart in 2013, Bayou City Coatings is located in Houston, Texas. With 20 years combined experience, Devin and Brian are both passionate about their industry and committed professionals as well. Their friendship goes back 30 years, and they’ve learned that each has the same commitment to beautiful results and customer satisfaction. Both Brian and Devin are avid 4x4 enthusiasts and enjoy custom automotive projects!


Devin bily

About Devin Bily

Devin has three generations of “steel in his blood” starting when his great grandfather emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Galveston. An avid hunter and 4x4 enthusiast, Devin is certified to teach by the NRA and the state of Texas and is a life member of the NRA, TSRA and TCHA.

After 15 years working in the mortgage banking industry, Devin wanted to return to the satisfying hands-on work he grew up with. He started Bayou City Coatings to exploit his metal working knowledge while maintaining his contact with the off road and hunting communities around Houston. Devin is a 1994 graduate of Jersey Village High School and veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps 1994–98.



About Brian Stewart

At the age of 10, Brian began learning from his father the techniques of metal fabrication and powder coating.  His skills lead him to professional work at Fab Corp, Inc. and Stewart & Stevenson’s Tactical Vehicle Systems Division.

Brian has built it all--from BBQ’s, trailers and burglar bars as a child to tactical vehicles components, cryogenic parts and performance trucks as an adult. Brian is also an expert in traffic control enclosures, oil field applications, and the design and fabrication of 4x4 and hotrod parts and components.

Our Location

Bayou City Coatings

houston bayou city coatings servicesBayou City Coatings is a Houston-based powder coating and sand blasting professional shop for commercial customers and consumers. We offer durable, high-quality powder coating and sand blasting services, along with minor fabrication and repair.   From your yard and home décor, to off road vehicle parts, to high volume commercial items--we want to be a part of your project! Our professionalism is matched with deep passion and enthusiasm for this industry. We are committed to high-quality results with down-to-earth prices.

Powder Coating Pricing and Warranty

The attached list is for basic automotive parts, since they are all fairly similar this list is a good place to start. We can powder coat almost anything metal or alloy, we have also had success with many glass items and ceramics. It's difficult to calculate exact pricing over the phone, therefore, we will give you an estimate, and then a firm written quote once we see the item and you pick a color. Emailing us pictures is always a good idea. There are thousands of different colors, textures and specialty made powders to choose from.


Prices generally include abrasive blasting, masking, surface preparation and powder coating using a stock color. Prices do not include standard degreasing and cleaning, minor sanding or grinding, pre-treatment (if you bring us an item that is muddy and/or covered in grease there will be an additional charge. 2-coat applications are priced higher. Clear coat is required for all metallic and silver coating. Optional clear powder top coat or second coat is available. All prices are for disassembled parts. Parts bought to us that require disassembly will incur additional charges! Masking of lettering or other objects as well as multi-color items will incur additional charges.





  • Warranty against flaking and peeling on new items for 6 months from date of service.
  • Warranty against flaking or peeling on used parts - 3 months from date of service.



We assume no responsibility for nicks, cuts, scratches, or any other abusive wear and tear during any consumer's usage once parts have been powder coated.


Once parts have been installed or used, we are not responsible for burnt coatings when operating temperatures exceed the maximum powder coating temperature limits: 1,000 degrees for high temperature powders and 300 degrees for all other powders.